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Outbound Marketing Data Software

All-In-One marketing data cloud


An integrated marketing data software for B2B marketers. All-in-one, predictive marketing data platform to discover accurate prospects, best-fit buyer contacts, competitive intelligence & sales triggers with real-time updates.

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Tech SalesCloud™

A comprehensive sales intelligence data platform for technology marketers. A modular data-as-a-service cloud to identify enterprise technology installations, IT contacts, budget and sales leads with real-time updates.

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An intuitive email discovery cloud to identify accurate emails and social profiles of sales prospects. This email discovery engine helps to avail permission based email contacts and social data of target prospects with real-time updates.

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Customer Spotlight

Sales, inside sales, channel sales

  • Prospecting tool to access sales intelligence such as company profile, contacts, competitive intelligence, sales triggers events

  • Prepare better for contextual sales dialogues

  • Discover actionable sales leads


  • Data tool to avail marketing insights

  • Design and implement data driven, account based marketing campaigns

  • Execute Field marketing, tele marketing, email marketing & digital marketing campaigns

  • Drive audience to marketing events


  • An integrated data tool to maintain CRM data accuracy with real-time and ongoing data accuracy maintenance


  • Add relevant and accurate data insights to strengthen predictive lead scoring and marketing decision support

Integrate Accurate Data Into Your CRM and marketing automation tools

Data-as-a-Service Cloud

A disruptive marketing campaign data sourcing model for B2B marketers to avail accurate prospects data. An alternate to legacy list brokers, expensive data resellers and flat fee based static list purchases.

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A unique approach of maintaining marketing data accuracy real-time through Big Data, Machine Learning and Human Intelligence. An opportunity for responsible sourcing to make a social impact through SmartWorker program.

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Join the world's largest internet researcher pool: A Global Pool of nearly one million data researchers from 50+ countries. Earn by completing simple data tasks from anywhere, anytime. All you need is a computer connected to Internet.

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Now made up of more than 14,000 individuals from 300 companies in more than 17 industries across the B2B ecosystem, C360 DataClub is one of the world’s largest independent marketing data users' group sharing best practises.

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